Classes Offered

All Level Yoga

This class offers openness to all levels. As we move, focusing on the connection of breath to movement in the body. In each class, we will find some areas of heat, fun poses, and movement around the mat. in opening our body a connection will grow in the mind and body, spending the time fully with ourselves, our bodies our breath. Classes paired with playlists.  

Move + Mediate 

IIn this 45 minute class we will spend time moving and closing with meditation. About 30 minutes of movement focusing more on the breath of a Hatha style yoga. In our mediation, we will find the space to connect with our deeper selves. Unraveling the thoughts of the mind, and how we are. Classes offered a supported cushion, however, you are more than welcome to bring any props or cushions you would like for your meditation. 

All levels welcome! and remember mediation may seem tricky with the thoughts and distractions of the mind often reminding but the key is to be gentle within yourself, know that each moment of outside thought can be a moment we learn more about ourselves, then gently return to the mediation. 

Zoom Yoga

A popular class for those who want to practice from the comfort of there home! An all-level Vinyasa flow, coordinating breath with movement. focusing on strength, flexibility, and connection to your body. Paired with a playlist to flow through. 


Workshops will occur monthly. We will spend about 1.5 hrs together,  dicing deeper into the practice and mind.  Each workshop will be different and posted about through social media and the schedule page.